Useful tool for book and magazine disassembly

It is cheap, it cuts and it works for my purpose. I have both the 12 in and the 17 inch unit in the Archive. I use the for disassembly of books and magazines to run through the sheet fed scanner.

Internet photo – Fair Use

But…there is a problem with the cutter. The problem is, it does not cut straight. Especially when you cut heavyweight, gloss stock.

If I was a printer, then it is a fail. But for my use, the crooked cutting issue is not a problem for my scans.

The 12 inch model paper clamp bar is not square with the stock. The front has a small gap in it. The 17 inch unit has better clamp contact. With lightweight, matte paper they cut better, but the cut is still not perfect enough for precision printing / book binding use.

It used to take 30 minutes to disassemble one bound book and clean it up to scan. Sometimes pages would get wrinkled and torn. I did the whole group of books in the photo with the 12 inch cutter in 10 minutes. For my use I am very happy with it.


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