Using AEO-Light to Extract Optical Sound from Cine’ Film

I just started to use AEO-Light for extracting optical sound from 16mm film. (AEO-Light also works with 35mm sound film.)

The first film I experimented with for sound extraction was A Busman’s Holiday. It is a short narrated nudie-cutie from the 1940’s – 1950’s. I’m still learning the ropes of how the software works. But the first time out I was able to extract sound, I’m an old film photographer from the 1970’s, not a wiz bang computer person, so that is very promising.

Now, if you got some bucks, none of this is an issue. You can afford a cheap Lasergraphics sound scanner for $60K or a better grade film scanner for a few hundred thousand dollars. It extracts sound for you. But in my case, every penny counts and all I could afford is a low budget silent film scanner.

Here are some screen shots of the software’s screen and A Busman’s Holiday. The film follows a model on a day trip trying to learn photography. She loads up her Kodak Brownie and zero’s in on some flowers to photograph near the bank of a stream. She slips in the stream, her clothes get wet and of they come off so they can dry in the sun. A moose and bear come by and she is off.

After this film is finished, I plan to work on Laplanders. It is a narrated 1951 B&W film on the Sami Laplanders or reindeer people. It is something!

There are a lot of controls with this software to learn. University of South Carolina developed the software. The first time I extracted sound from the optical soundtrack was the same magic as the first time I developed a print in the darkroom when I was a kid!

Here are some clips from the film with the software overlay screen. You can see the optical soundtrack on the right of the screen.

The poor girl…she unrolled most of the film in the sun trying to load up the camera.


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