Don’t be a shitty archivist…Please!

Now, it is totally up to you, you can be a shitty archivist if you like. There are no archive police to boss us around. But if you go through all that work to produce scans, PDF’s and the rest; why on earth would you want your online legacy to be shit??? I just don’t get it. So much of the archival work I see online is SHIT! The resolution makes it unusable.

What is the purpose of putting this quality of archival material online? Why?????

And it is not only newsprint that is garbage. I see shitty work in all areas of preservation whether it be photos, video or audio.


Archivists…here are some examples of decent quality scans to use for your archival work. And when I say decent, I mean bare minimum in quality.

I have better res material, but being in the Rustbelt, we have the worst internet in the nation, so I have to limit my internet upload pain. Still I try and submit decent res material with terrible internet. But as a bare minimum it should be readily readable. And as a basic goal, the archival material you submit should be able to make a decent facsimile if one is needed and yours’s ends up being the last extant record of it.

Photo examples from post on Treating Mold and Mildew with Microwave Radiation by D.D.Teoli Jr.

Archivist’s…don’t make your legacy a pile of stinking shit…please…do it for history.

Want to see what Rustbelt internet is like?

…a bad upload day on the Internet Archive!


Daniel D.Teoli Jr. Archival Collection
Daniel D.Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Film Archive
Daniel D.Teoli Jr. Advertising Archive
Daniel D.Teoli Jr. VHS Video Archive
Daniel D.Teoli Jr. Audio Archive
Daniel D.Teoli Jr. Social Documentary Photography

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