Remember the old Playboy Clubs and the Playboy Bunnies?


I started to work with a curator-at-large in England that volunteers for my Archive. He buys items he wants scanned in the USA, has them shipped to me and I scan for him.  Recently he picked up a lot of VIP Playboy Club magazines. I had forgot all about the Playboy Clubs and didn’t know they even had a club magazine. Fascinating time capsule material.

Internet Archive Search: VIP playboy club teoli


Top right: Hefner and Barbi Benton 1972

I had a few people contact me in the past asking if they can help with the Archive. That is as far as things go. They flake out and never reply after I respond. It is good to get some new blood into the Archive for items I probably won’t find / think of. I have a huge diversity of scope, but it can always be broadened.



Selection from Weekly World News Archive – DDTJRAC

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