Scanning Tru-Vue films

I’ve got a small collection of Tru-Vue stereo films in the Archive.


eBay photo: Fair use

Within the collection, which is mostly vintage burlesque, there is a series of shots from a ‘behind the scenes on a movie set’ roll.  Looks like the sets are about 1939-40, although did not look at them all, as I don’t have the Tru-Vue stereo viewer.

As you can see in the photo above, the film is wound super tight. It is very hard to deal with for scanning. I tried storing the film in a reverse wind for a few days and while it did relax the film some, it still is very tightly wound.

The film has to be scanned at an angle on the scanner or you get a error message if the film extends beyond the top and bottom of the frame. So you can only get in a few frames at a time. And with stereo, every 3rd frame is a dupe.

I will have to buy a film holder that the kids use for camera scanning film with a camera. You shove the film through it, and it holds the film flat. (Hopefully it holds this heavily curved film half-ass flat.)  The you take a photo of the film in the film holder over a lightbox. Even when taped on the scanner glass, the film buckles and is not flat.


I got some anti-Newton ring glass somewhere; I could tape that over the film. But it introduces more dust and it is in storage and who knows where it is. There are a lot of nice scenes from the movie set on the roll.



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