Even after WWII ended…they were still rationing food.

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Here is an ad from Woman’s Day Magazine in 1946. Even after WWII ended, they were still rationing food. I like this type of material for the Archive. It covers two areas for the price on one…it fits the Advertising Collection and the WWII Rationing Collection.

WWII rationing is a fascinating area to study. It was hard to piece the puzzle back together as a lot of the people in the know are dead and no one to ask. So many things were unavailable back then. Let’s say you were a writer. If you wanted a typewriter you got on a list for one, you couldn’t just go out and buy one. Typewriter companies retooled to build war equipment. The gov even asked for used typewriters to be donated to the war effort.

Really, it was pretty complex learning the rationing rules. And the rules constantly changed.

They also had ration tokens for making change for coupons.

These tokens belonged to Sylvia Schneider from NYC. They were in a little purse she had that I acquired off eBay. After she died, the pickers got ahold of it for recycling.

Beside swimming, bathing parks were popular for people living in cold-water flats. No shower or tub in your room, just a sink.

GD…the pickers will sell anything! Even dirty, empty bottles of old lens cleaning fluid!

The troublesome area of the puzzle to put together was to find out was what the tanks, planes, artillery, ship coupons were used for.

Eventually I found out the answer to my puzzle. They announced what these stamps would be used for in the newspaper or on the radio for various short term uses. I have a press photo of one of the weekly announcements, but have not got it scanned as yet. It is buried in the storage locker for now. 


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