‘Crowded Train’ documenting ‘chikan’ in Japan

Scanned photos on Thanksgiving. Just finished up subway sounds last night.

‘Crowded Train’ is a rare study in infrared flash by Ikko Kagari on the practice of ‘chikan’ (groping women on the train or subway) in Japan. I think it is from the 1980’s but not sure. And maybe book title is wrong. Very underground and not easy to find the right info as it varies from source to source.

Now before you say to yourself WTF kind of description is this?

Here is what Harper’s Books had to say about a similar Japanese pervert book entitled ‘Chikan Densha’ by Ikko Kagari & Kagerou Mutsuki that contained much of the same content in ‘Crowded Train’…

“I had a team of Japanese experts looking at the book (‘Chikan Densha’) and checking on Japanese Google and there is simply no information.”

It looked like the gals were willing participates back in the day. Or were they just too shy to put up a ruckus?

Araki made a little book on sex shops of Japan. Vintage stuff. They had a nightclub for practicing chikan in a fake subway car.

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