A folding cart may be useful to your work


Just picked one up at Amazon. Got the smaller 50 pounds per shelf model. Would have liked to get the 100 pounds per shelf model, but it is much bigger and more $$. Being on a space and $$ diet, I got the cheaper and smaller weight rated model. I don’t really have big loads to put on it anyway. I’m using it for audio visual work as a copy setup for digitizing VHS / Betamax to a DVD recorder. Still, it is nice having more weight capacity if it is ever needed. I don’t plan to use this lightweight cart for setting up my Revox B77 for temp jobs.

I go through transcribing marathons with the VHS / Betamax Archive. Once they are done being transcribed to DVD I can stow the setup until the next marathon. Or if I need the odd tape transcribed it is not a big deal setting it up. Just unfold the cart then plug and play. I’m not new to folding carts. I had 2 very expensive stainless steel Vollrath folding catering carts back in the ’90’s. Loved em, especially for temp work. They were very heavy and if you were not careful unfolding the Vollrath and got your finger pinched in it…you would never forget it again!

I sold both off when I moved and needed some money and had less space. I picked them up used at a public auction. I wish I had kept them, they don’t even make them any more. The non-folding SS Vollrath carts are about $900 now. The folding carts would probably be near $1050-$1100 each. Vollrath used to be the king in USA made stainless steel commercial cooking equipment. But who knows now, maybe it is all made in China?


Vollrath SS cart

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